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ATPO Special Feature – Tanka of Flowing Tranquility

July 5, 2019

Guest Editor: Kira Lily NashSubmit to: line: Flowing Tranquility – Your Name – DateDeadline: 01 August, 2019 We never stop. So many lives have become whirlwinds of one-thing-to-the-next, our heads and hearts heavy with worries, plans, fears, and failures. Undeniably trouble is brewing in far too many corners and yet…outside of this warped reality rest tranquility, peace, and light. Of course we must continue to fight where…

ATPO Special Feature – Turn the Other Cheek: Nonviolent Resistance and Peaceful Protest Tanka

May 24, 2019

Guest Editor: Autumn Noelle HallSubmit to: line: ATPO Peaceful Protest submission—Your Name—DateDeadline: July 31, 2019 “Nonviolence does not mean acceptance, but resistance, not waiting, but acting. It is not at all passive; it involves strikes, boycotts, non-cooperation, mass demonstrations and sabotage, as well as appeals to the conscience of the world—even the individuals in the oppressing group who might break away from their past.” —Howard Zinn, Declarations…