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Keibooks Announce Atlas Poetica 40 : A Journal of World Tanka, Update in a Trying Time

June 20, 2020

Press Release – For Immediate Release – Please post to all appropriate venues 19 June 2010 – Perryville, Maryland, USA Atlas Poetica 40 : A Journal of World Tanka publishes today. Due to the press of many matters, not the least of which was publisher and editor M. Kei coming down with covid-19, it was deemed best to skip spring publication and move No. 40 to summer. All…

Update for Keibooks / Atlas Poetica

June 14, 2020

This year the staff at Keibooks have been beset by many challenges, including covid-19, Brexit, and personal issues. However, we have persevered and we’re all right now. We appreciate the messages of support and the financial contributions to Atlas Poetica and our other projects. Because of the challenges, we decided to skip spring publication and move Atlas Poetica 40 to summer publication. It will publish within the week.…

Tanka Translation Project

January 1, 2020

Just a short head’s up to let you know that in 2020 we will be working on a special tanka translation project running over issues 40 and 41 (spring and summer). ATPO 40 will introduce the project and provide guidelines, but we wanted to let you know in advance so that you can find translating partners if you choose to participate. ATPO 41 (Summer) will be devoted to…

Keibooks Announces Atlas Poetica 39 : A Journal of World Tanka

December 29, 2019

29 December 2019 – Perryville, Maryland, USA Still going strong more than ten years later, ATPO keeps publishing high-quality tanka and related literature from an astonishing range of writers. Newly emerging voices from around the world are found side by side with classic and well-known authors. New voices from Nigeria, Indonesia, Russia, Scotland, Ireland, Italy, and India appear along with our first Yoruba translations. Altogether, this issue features…

Press Release : ‘Tanka of Flowing Tranquility’ Special Feature

December 15, 2019

Special Feature ‘Tanka of Flowing Tranquility’ — Edited by Kira Lily Nash, Published by Keibooks 15 December 2019 — Perryville, Maryland, USA  Never before in our time has disintegration seemed so prominent. Never before in our time have so many felt so far from stability, grounding, the reassuring rhythms of earth and sky. It seems like such an overwhelming task to find our feet again — to remember…

Press Release : ‘Turn the Other Cheek: Nonviolent Resistance and Peaceful Protest Tanka’ Special Feature

November 9, 2019

Special Feature ‘Turn the Other Cheek: Nonviolent Resistance and Peaceful Protest Tanka’ — Edited by Autumn Noelle Hall, Published by Keibooks 9 November 2019 — Perryville, Maryland, USA  Where does awareness begin? What frees us from our cocoon of comfort and complacency? Large-scale movements? Mass media feeds? Can these persuade us to get up off the couch? Or is the catalyst more visceral — a twisting intuition in the gut…

Keibooks Announces Atlas Poetica 38 : A Journal of World Tanka

September 12, 2019

12 September 2019 – Perryville, Maryland, USA Atlas Poetica : A Journal of World Tanka, volume 38, edited by M.
 Kei, continues our tradition of excellence and diversity in tanka
 literature. More than fifty poets, representing nearly twenty 
countries from India to Nigeria, Ireland to Ukraine, Mexico to 
Taiwan and more have contributed to this issue. Tanka, tanka
 prose, tanka sequences, kyoka, cherita, and related literature are

Press Release : ‘25 Death Poems’ Special Feature

August 9, 2019

Special Feature ‘25 Death Poems’ — Edited by Michael H. Lester, Published by Keibooks 9 August 2018 — Perryville, Maryland, USA There are many ways to look at death and dying — with fear and apprehension, with courage, with humor, with anger, with sadness, with gratitude, with relief, and even with indifference. Within the emotional aspect of death and dying, these poems also examine the thoughts the poets have about…

Press Release : Sin Fronteras Special Feature

August 7, 2019

Special Feature ‘Sin Fronteras ❘ Borders Without boundaries’ — Edited by Don Miller, Published by Keibooks 7 August 2019 — Perryville, Maryland, USA Those of us living in the United States have been inundated with political rhetoric telling of a “humanitarian emergency,” and from some of the international headlines gracing the media it would appear this rhetoric is rampant throughout the nations of the world. However, the perception…

Press Release : this is my song by Joy McCall

August 5, 2019

Press Release: this is my song, tanka prose about letting go and letting be by Joy McCall, published by Keibooks 5 August 2019 Joy McCall has the peculiar effect on people that, living or dead, they decide to speak to her. Whether a tattooed woman sitting down to write tanka with her at a cafe table, a blind man asking her to describe the night sky, or a…