Keibooks Announce Atlas Poetica 40 : A Journal of World Tanka, Update in a Trying Time

June 20, 2020

Press Release – For Immediate Release – Please post to all appropriate venues

19 June 2010 – Perryville, Maryland, USA

Atlas Poetica 40 : A Journal of World Tanka publishes today. Due to the press of many matters, not the least of which was publisher and editor M. Kei coming down with covid-19, it was deemed best to skip spring publication and move No. 40 to summer. All following projects, including the forthcoming Tanka in Translation Project scheduled for issue 41, are moved back one season, but will continue as planned. 

All the staff at Keibooks have been beset by challenges, some stemming from the pandemic, others from Brexit, or personal matters. So far we have all recovered and are well at this time, but we are focussing our energy on the journal. Given ongoing uncertainties, we will not be doing any special features this year and have canceled our intended expansion into publishing online chapbooks. The journal is the heart of what Keibooks does, and we are devoting all our energies to making certain it survives these difficult times. We appreciate all the support we have received whether messages or financial. We have not been able to respond as promptly as we used to, but we appreciate it all the same.

Without further ado, here is the information about issue 40:

Tanka is a portable poetry. Its emphasis on image and its trust in the reader means that tanka can be read by people of many different backgrounds. The words of the poet unite with the spirit of the reader to create a multitude of poems that appear like sunsets: each reader sees something a little different from everyone else, but all experience the same sun. With this issue, we invite you to join us in extending tanka translation more broadly still. With the permission and cooperation of more than a dozen tanka poets and translators, we are inaugurating a special Tanka Translation Project to run in this issue and the next.

Sample Poems

Tanja Trček

Tanja Trček, Slovenian-English Translator

Angleško-slovenski prevod: Tanja Trček

In a silver frame 

of the night 

her midnight face 


into silence

V srebrnem okvirju 


se njen polnočni obraz


v tišino 

Elisa Theriana

Elisa Theriana, Indonesian-English Translator

Terjemahan Inggris-Indonesia oleh Elisa Theriana

hey, stars . . . 

stop trying

as if loneliness


a reason

oh, bintang. . . 

berhenti berharap

seakan sepi ini



Nathalie Lauro

Nathalie Lauro, English-French Translator

Nathalie Lauro, traductrice anglaise-française

the dark

November rains

are always


for lovers

les pluies sombres

de novembre

sont toujours


pour les amoureux

Taofeek Ayeyemi / Táófíkì Ayéyẹmí

Taofeek Ayeyemi, Yoruba-English Translator

Táófíkì Ayéyẹmí, Onítumọ̀ Yorùbá-Gor

two birds

hanging still in the sky . . . 


the meaning of this

i lost sight of them

ẹyẹ méjì

n dúró láìmira lójú ọ̀run . . . 


ìtunmọ̀ tí eleyì jẹ́

mo pàdánù wọn


A. A. Marcoff, ai li, Alexander Alyapkin / Александр Аляпкин, Alexis Rotella, Amelia Fielden, Andrew M. Bowen, an’ya, Autumn Noelle Hall, Bruce England, Bryan Rickert, Carol Raisfeld, Carole Johnston, Chen-ou Liu, Chris Bullard, Cullen Whisenhunt, Dave Read, Debbie Strange, Elisa Theriana, Elizabeth Howard, Fractled, Gabriel Martins, Gail Brooks, Genie Nakano, Geoffrey Winch, Gerry Jacobson, Grunge, Hema Ravi, Hemapriya Chellappan, Ignatius Fay, Ingrid Kunschke, Jackie Chou, James Tipton, Jan Foster,Jason Morgan, Joanna Ashwell, Johannes S. H. Bjerg, John Zheng, Joshua Michael Stewart, Joy McCall, Kala Ramesh, Karen O’Leary, Karla Linn Merrifield, Kath Abela Wilson, Keitha Keyes, Kira Nash, Larry Kimmel, Liam Wilkinson, Lorne Henry, M. Kei, Margaret Knapke, Mark Jun Poulos, Marshall Bood, Matsukaze, Mel Goldberg, Michael H. Lester, Michael McClintock, Michael O’Brien, N. Nyberg, Nathalie Lauro, Neal Whitman, Patricia Prime, Paul Callus, Paul Smith, Random Poetry Generator, Raquel D. Bailey, Ray Spitzenberger, Roary Williams, Rp Verlaine, Saeko Ogi, Sandra Renew, Sanford Goldstein,Scott Moss, Sterling Warner, Tanja Trček, Taofeek Ayeyemi/ Táófíkì Ayéyẹmí, Tim Gardener, Tim Lenton, Yasaman Etemadi, William Altoft, Zane Parks. 

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Back issues of Atlas Poetica are available to read for free online at: <>. Visitors to the site will also want to check out the Resources section for more information about tanka, kyoka, gogyoshi, sedoka, cherita, tanka prose, tanka sequences, and more. 

Submissions are read year-round for Atlas Poetica. Complete guidelines are on the website. Please allow up to 90 days for a response.

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