Keibooks Announces Atlas Poetica 39 : A Journal of World Tanka

December 29, 2019

29 December 2019 – Perryville, Maryland, USA

Still going strong more than ten years later, ATPO keeps publishing high-quality tanka and related literature from an astonishing range of writers. Newly emerging voices from around the world are found side by side with classic and well-known authors. New voices from Nigeria, Indonesia, Russia, Scotland, Ireland, Italy, and India appear along with our first Yoruba translations. Altogether, this issue features eighty-four contributors representing sixteen countries.

Specially featured in this issue is the inaugural installment of ‘Exemplary Tanka,’ an ongoing, intermittently published series in which readers are invited to contribute their appreciation and analysis of what they consider to be exemplary tanka and related literature. Part One features an introduction by M. Kei and analysis by experienced tanka poets, but future installments are open to anyone. Contributors offer up examples of the tanka they admire along with a detailed explanation about why it resonates with them. The offered tanka cover a variety of ranges, styles, and poets, while the viewpoints of the contributors are equally diverse. ‘Exemplary Tanka’ is a microcosm of the best tanka poetry being published around the world today.

In This Issue:

can you bury
light forever?
the sun is bright
his empty grave

A A Marcoff

talking about
all of our plans
a white moth
toward the moon

Agus Maulana Sunjaya

Inside the towering stone
a bell of time
rings out for the stars
as day lays down
to dream about the night

Al Matheson

in a grassy field
their thin roots
curling round broken bones
and spent bullets

Joy McCall

Do not count the stars
on the nights of my absence:
count instead the voids
between them, knowing my love
for you spans greater by far

Garrett Ray Harriman

I feel the maple’s leaves
I can’t say
I’m still crossing
against the light

Lee Felty


A. Marcoff, Agus Maulana Sunjaya, Al Matheson, Alegria Imperial, Alexander Alyapkin, Alexander Jankiewicz, Alexis Rotella, Amelia Fielden, Anne Benjamin, Autumn Noelle Hall, Bob Lucky, Britton Guildersleeve, Bruce England, Bryan Rickert, C. William Hinderliter, Carol Raisfeld, Carmel Summers, Charles Harmon, Charles D. Tarlton, Christopher Jupp, Dave Read, David Rice, Debbie Strange, Denis M. Garrison, Don Miller, Don Wentworth, Fractled, Gail Brooks, Garrett Ray Harriman, Gerry Jacobson, Giselle Maya, Greg Pritchard, James Chessing, Jan Foster, Jason Richardson, Joanna Ashwell, Joanne Morcom, John Gonzalez, John S Gilbertson, Johnnie Johnson Hafernik, Jonathan Day, Jonathan Vos Post, Joy McCall, Kath Abela Wilson, Ken Slaughter, Kiersta Recktenwald, Lee Felty, Lisa T. W. Jones, Lorne Henry, Lynda Monahan, M. Kei, Margaret Van Every, Margherita Petriccione, Marilyn Humbert, Marilyn Morgan, Marion Clarke, Mark Jun Poulos, Marshall Bood, Matsukaze, Michael McClintock, Michael H. Lester, Mike Montreuil, Neelam Dadhwal, Neil Brooks, Pat Geyer, Patricia Pella, Patricia Prime, Paul Fiore, Paul Mercken, Paweł Markiewicz, Peter Fiore, Pravat Kumar Padhy, Pris Campbell, Richard Grahn, Richard St. Clair, Ron Scully, Rp Verlaine, Samantha Sirimanne Hyde, Sandra Renew, shreya narang, Steve Black, Taofeek Ayeyemi, Taura Scott, Tish Davis

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Back issues of Atlas Poetica are available to read for free online. Please also check our Resources section for more information about tanka, kyoka, gogyoshi, sedoka, cherita, tanka prose, tanka sequences, and more. 

Submissions to Atlas Poetica are read year-round. Complete guidelines can be found here. Please allow up to 90 days for a response.

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