Press Release : ‘25 Death Poems’ Special Feature

August 9, 2019

Special Feature 25 Death Poems’ Edited by Michael H. Lester, Published by Keibooks

9 August 2018 — Perryville, Maryland, USA

There are many ways to look at death and dying — with fear and apprehension, with courage, with humor, with anger, with sadness, with gratitude, with relief, and even with indifference. Within the emotional aspect of death and dying, these poems also examine the thoughts the poets have about what happens to us, to our essence, after death. Of the 25 death poems selected for this Special Feature, most conveyed a sense of acceptance, many faced death with humor, and a few explored other aspects of our relationship with death, including Zen philosophy, and the how, when, where, and why of death.

“It has been a pleasure and an honor to read the death poems from so many fine tanka poets. I regret I could not include all of the death poems that warranted inclusion in this Special Feature.” — Michael H. Lester, Editor

Sample Poems

Ed Bremson

of snow . . . 
deeper and deeper
into the woods

Denis M. Garrison

broken and torn by
this dark and stony track . . .
my race never ends
but ahead, 
endless green meadows

Genie Nakano

let me
be a raindrop
deep into the earth
wild flowers in the spring


Michael H. Lester, Autumn Noelle Hall, Kathryn J. Stevens, Eve Castle, Sandra Renew, Pat Geyer, Gerry Jacobson, Denis M. Garrison, Debbie Strange, Genie Nakano, Wendy C. Bialek, Pris Campbell, M. Kei, Christine “Chrissi” L. Vill, Azim Khan, Julie Bloss Kelsey, Susan Burch, Susan Constable, Nu Quang, Kath Abela Wilson, Carol Raisfeld, Joy McCall, Joanne Morcom, Peter Jastermsky, Ed Bremson

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