Press Release : this is my song by Joy McCall

August 5, 2019

Press Release: this is my song, tanka prose about letting go and letting be by Joy McCall, published by Keibooks

5 August 2019

Joy McCall has the peculiar effect on people that, living or dead, they decide to speak to her. Whether a tattooed woman sitting down to write tanka with her at a cafe table, a blind man asking her to describe the night sky, or a ghost drifting up out of the earth to compliment her for the music, or the crooks (offenders and ex-offenders) who build, fix, and carry for her, Joy is as likely to be found having a conversation with a rabbi as with a homeless man. Children and dead people confide their secrets to her, and so do witches, madwomen, criminals, and whores. Joy passes no judgments. All are human beings to her, with their own stories, their own pain, their own demons, and their own gifts. Joy’s gift to all of us is her ability to open the door between the planes so that we too can step through and experience the world as she experiences it, conveyed to us through the media of tanka and prose.

Guy Fawkes night
and all through the dark
the sounds of fireworks
while in my head
his low sad voice reading

she danced
across the browning grass
and went into the earth again — 
and all was still and quiet
in the graveyard

the doctor
who brought help
to so many
could not save himself — 
he is bones, somewhere

I did not mean
to spend the night there
but . . . the sheep
the hill fold
the sky full of stars

“Joy is endless. Her every day is filled with adventure, whether and wherever she wanders. This has been true of her tanka right along, and it is grand to see her extend her scope in the form of tanka-prose. You will be glad to have joined her in her everyday travels as she shows us how to find and see, in fresh new ways, the unique happenings of this world and of the otherworlds — dream, history and imagination. You can lose yourself in this book, but worry not, she will bring you back home enriched.” — Larry Kimmel, editor of Winfred Press.

this is my song, tanka prose about letting go and letting be
By Joy McCall
Afterword by Brian Zimmer
Introduction by M. Kei
Last Word by Jonathan Day
Keibooks, Perryville, MD 2019
ISBN-13: 978-1073513109 (Print)

$16.00 USD (print) or $5.00 USD (Kindle)

Available in print and ebook at Amazon and other online retailers.

P O Box 346
Perryville, MD 21903 USA

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